Multi-Grip Trap/Shrug Bar


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Gympak Multi Grip Trap/Shrug Bar (B900SC Series)

There are many reasons people choose to use a Trap bar to do their lift exercises. A good heavy duty trap bar will help you you achieve safer, more upright lifts. The load is centered, putting less strain on your spine. Also, they are easier to use for beginners and those with reduced mobile function.

Gympak gives its own spin on a proper trap/shrug bar. Many, the first of its kind. We’ve fitted this bar with 11 gauge tubing throughout. The plate sleeves are raised, eliminating the age-old problem of having to lift one side to load then the other or having a weird awkward, pointy stand built into the bar. Rubber Padded points on the bottom of this bar for added safety and security in addition to protecting your floors. A unique addition to this bar will be the 3 different sized grips which the athlete can choose to use, either by preference, training or hand size. You can work specifically with the grip strength or size you require. Different grip sizes also makes this bar suitable for users of all levels of fitness.

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