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Gympak Pro Tricep Pressdown Rope – Black with Rubber Ends

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The most widely used tricep rope anywhere.

The tricep rope was invented with many flaws.  Users would often complain that they would have to replace them too often or that the rubber ends would sometimes fall off with one pull.  Gympak pioneered the installation of the plastic bushing sleeve, exponentially increasing the life of the rope.  Now this protective bushing has been applied to all the other competitor’s alike.

When you can find tricep ropes anywhere why do people keep coming back to get the same ones?  Why do manufacturers hand pick this rope to be packaged with their machines? That’s because Gympak’s commitment to service and quality outlast the rest, just like these ropes.

Ropes will wear and tear depending on frequency and level of usage.  It is a consumable item that will eventually need to be replaced.

Unit of measurement EA
Technical Information
Details <p>1” Polyproylene Rope</p> <p>Forged Metal Bushing with Plastic Sleeve insert</p> <p>Fixed Rubber Ends</p>

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